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My Story

2002-2007 High School 

2007-2008 Military Academy ( I left; military definitely wasn't an option for me at all.)

2008-2009 Followed my guts direction and moved to Poland. Stayed there for a year of a college experience.

2009-2010 Cukurova University ( Industrial Engineering )

2010-2012 Kennesaw State University, Atlanta GA, USA

2010-2020 Serial Entrepreneur in USA with many successful businesses. Made over 10 million dollars  of sale in the shopping malls.

2015-2020 I was a miner of BTC and couple other coins.

2016- I have created my own hair tools brand, sold in the malls and online.

2016-2019 Found couple loopholes in personal/business credit check systems and let people and companies fix their credit scores in fastest period of time. Finding loopholes and glitches on apps and softwares for them to upgrade themselves. 

2019- I have moved to Malta to opened another location for my consignment store. 

2019- I made a legal partnership with a prefabricated buildings manufacturer in Ankara, Turkey.

2019- Found King Kont LLC and started selling modular homes and portable containers in USA. 

2020- Found U Build Tiny company which sells self build tiny house kits worldwide.

2021- Moved to Antalya and decided to start Unusual Consulting and Investments to help people to convert their savings to positive cash flow.


We are always looking for smart investors. Let's connect.

+90 (541) 241-1105 

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