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Investment/Business Opportunities

We offer a diverse range of investment opportunities across various industries and sectors. Our team of experts carefully curates and selects each business to ensure that our clients have access to only the best investment options. 


Whether you are an experienced investor or just starting, our investment opportunities page provides you with all the information you need to make an informed decision. Each listing includes detailed information about the business, its financials, and growth potential.


Our goal is to help you find the right investment opportunity that aligns with your investment goals and objectives. We are committed to providing you with exceptional service and support throughout the entire investment process.



CEOMAX, the New Generation Energy Saving Device" technology is now available for its worldwide beneficiaries. The company aims to provide the technology to people with the slogan "Ultimate Performance, Maximum Saving." Fuel economy and pollution, especially polluting emissions from internal combustion engines, are two significant ecological concerns that the world faces. It is becoming increasingly clear that the earth does not have an endless supply of fuel. As a result, the cost of fuel continues to rise, and the need to conserve fuel has become more critical than ever. The energy shortage has reached worldwide proportions, particularly with respect to petroleum-based fuels. Therefore, the need to burn such fuels efficiently has never been more critical.

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EUBlue - The Adblue 
For A Better Adblue

For a Better Green World with AdBlue by Consolid.

AdBlue® by CONSOLID is available all over the World in various container formats.
All packaging are specifically designed to guarantee the lifetime and quality of the product.
Whatever your request is, we have a delivery solution ready for you.
AdBlue® is used to limit emissions from cars, trucks, buses, vans, boats, excavators and tractors. If you use a modern diesel powered machine fitted with an SCR catalyst, you'll need AdBlue®.
Adding AdBlue® limits harmful nitrogen oxide emissions from diesel engines so they can meet increasingly stringent legislation. AdBlue® works by triggering a chemical reaction with ammonia that converts toxic nitrogen oxide into harmless nitrogen and water vapour.



EU FERTILIZER TECH is dedicated to responsibly feeding the world and protecting the planet. We aim to create a world without hunger while promoting sustainable value growth. Our focus is on providing climate-friendly crop nutrition and zero-emission energy solutions. We strive to create a climate-positive food future that benefits our customers, shareholders, and society as a whole. To achieve this, we develop digital farming tools for precision farming and collaborate with partners throughout the food value chain to improve production efficiency and sustainability. Our clean ammonia production aims to enable the hydrogen economy, driving a green transition for shipping, fertilizer production, and other energy-intensive industries.

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